About Us

About Us

We are Providers of Activities for Adults with Autism and learning Disabilities.

- Our Goal

We provide each of our service users with a tailored plan specific to their needs, to help them thrive within our service and beyond.

Our aims are to educate, stimulate and promote independence in fun, interesting and – most importantly – safe environments.
Everyone is encouraged to play an active role in all of our activities, to socialise and mix with friends new and old while learning valuable new skills.

- Our Vision

To empower and to create a better every day for everyone who uses our service.


Our Values

Dignity – We are dedicated in honouring the inherent dignity of each individual. All are encouraged to treat others with dignity and respect the uniqueness of each person who uses, accesses or works with the centre.

Empowerment – Empowering others is vital to success. Giving others a platform to succeed reaps rewards and positive results for all. An empowered team are more engaged and excited about what they do whilst empowered service users have a sense of control which is often lost in their daily lives.

Integrity – it is essential that we establish trust between the company and our service users. We are committed to the pursuit of integrity in all situations, demonstrating honour, fairness and honesty.

Quality of Support – The Care we provide will always be of the highest quality

Compassion – To be kind and empathetic to all the people we support. By putting ourselves in their shoes to think about our practice and how they may feel being supported by us.

Improving Lives – We seek to improve not just the mental health of our service users, but also their lives. As we know their conditions or diagnoses may affect their mental health but also other aspects of their lives like physical health and family relationships. So, by providing a person centred approach to their support we may be able to improve the quality of other aspects of their lives

Be a part of the team

We are a friendly team that is always looking for passionate and enthusiastic individuals to join us. Discover our current vacancies by clicking below. If there are no active vacancies, please feel free to send us your CV so we can consider you for roles that may arise.